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Thompson Drop Table Technique

Numerous chiropractic techniques can be used to relieve back pain, neck pain, muscular tightness, tension, and headaches. At Orlando Injury Medicine, Dr. Robitaille uses the Thompson Drop-Table Technique to provide chiropractic adjustments that address our patient’s needs. Are you looking for pain relief after an accident, injury, or suffering from chronic pain and spinal conditions? We are committed to improving your health and wellness through chiropractic care without the use of drugs or surgery.


The Thompson Drop-Table Technique, commonly known as the Thompson Terminal Point Technique, is a non-surgical strategy.  It involves the use of an adjustable table to provide chiropractic adjustment. If you are unfamiliar with this method, we believe you should understand its history and how it works and benefits you can gain from the process.

Thompson Drop-Table Technique History

Dr. Clay Thompson developed the Thompson Drop-Table Technique in the 1950s. It is a specific chiropractic method that involves the use of an adjustable table with segmented drops.

How does the Thompson Drop-Table Technique work?

First, the patient lays down on the table facing down. You are not required to remove your clothes or shoes. Dr. Robitaille will use Derifield-Thompson Leg-check analysis to determine any imbalances of the body such as leg-length inequality. You will be required to flex your legs so that Dr. Robitaille can compare them and note any length differences.

After the leg check, the second step is to use the adjustable table to administer high velocity and low impact thrust. We use a drop piece that corresponds to your weight and it is slowly dropped.  Dr. Robitaille will gently thrust on your spine and release the drop pieces while keeping you stable thus, removing the misalignment of the spine quickly and gently. Lastly, is the use of high-velocity thrusts without causing pain by ensuring that the drop pieces adjust according to the adjustment motion. The results of this procedure include the following:

  •  After the first adjustments and restoration of nerve function, the patient will feel a warm sensation flowing to all parts of the body with an increased   flow of energy.
  •  There may be a feeling of total relief or the patient may require more than a single adjustment to ease the pain.

Benefits of the Thompson Drop-Table Technique

  •  The technique relieves pain by restoring the nerve function. 
  •  The patient may report improved sleep cycles, reduced stress, and an increase in body function. 
  •  The procedure provides improved posture, strength, flexibility, and body performance.

If you live in or around the Orlando area and you’re suffering from an injury or pain related to the neck or spine, we can help. Call Orlando Injury Medicine today at (844) 724-6411 to schedule an appointment.

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